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  • Our top of the range rc boat is the Dynam Rc Targa. This boat features a proper water cooled racing engine, seperate ESC and high quality 2.4Ghz radio gear like found on a radio controlled car. It also uses a 7.2V Tamiya type race battery pack giving more power and very high speeds.

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  • The brand new Arrow Wind rc boat is fast and furious fun. With a SC 390 type racing motor and a large torsion propeller you can reach speeds of 25+ MPH. Features authentic and stylish detailing, this remote control boat is perfect for pools, ponds, rivers, and lakes.

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  • This an amazing little 1:30 scale boat that can perform some neat tricks as it skims across the water. With a flick of a switch, you can make it dive under the surface then leap out of the water again.

  • This high speed hydro boat is just like the real hydro boats and is powered by a 540 high speed motor. It is styled like the offshore race boats and is highly manoeuvrable at speed as it skims across the water.

  • This is the new 32 Inch long Dolphin RTR Electric RC Racing Speed Boat. This superb looking boat is driven by a powerful 540 type racing motor, which for its size produces an incredible amount of power.

  • The brand new ready to run 1/16th scale electric Super Cyclone RC speed boat brings speed and excitement on the water as it twists and turns.

  • This radio 40 inch long radio controlled boat is powered by a 540 type racing motor with a built in water cooling system, which allows for a tremendous amount of torque and thrust to be delivered over extended periods.

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